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    SydneyWide Property Inspections
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    SydneyWide Property Inspections
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    SydneyWide Property Inspections
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Our Services

We invite you to take a look at the full list of Our Services. As you can see, we offer a multitude of options for those that need them. The main services that we are hired for include: Building Inspections, we cover all building inspection needs for our clients from dilapidation reports to new home construction stage reports. After you Contact Us, a professional is going to come to the property and get the work done based on the schedule that you have to respect. You would receive a special Building Inspection and Property Report that comments on the structural damage, conducive conditions and extra defects present on the property. A full property description is added, together with a highlight of the materials that were used during building construction.

Our building inspection Sydney reports will also include mentions of all the areas that were not accessed and that could not have been covered, together with all the problems that were identified. We offer photographs that highlight the identified defects and the areas that are of major concern. Our Sydney Wide Property Inspections expert will inspect all property accessible parts and will offer a report that includes and is not limited to the following areas:

Building Inspections:

Pre-purchase inspection reports

Completion reports

Pre Auction inspection reports

Vendor pre-sale reports

Commercial inspections

Dilapidation Reports


All visual inspections are in accordance with

AS4349.1 Inspections of Buildings Part 1: 
Property Inspections - Residential Building.

Pest Inspection Sydney:

This is the type of service that you should seriously consider whenever you want to buy a new property in Sydney. You want to learn about the current state of the building (information available through the building inspection report) and about the possible infestations that exist. As you are surely aware, in Australia there are various areas that are affected by termite activity, leading to huge structural damage.

The problem with termites is that they avoid bright lights and open air areas. Because of this, colonies will normally be located underground, far from the view of people, or inside wood materials. If a termite infestation is present, it will only be identified through a really thorough pest inspection.

The pest and termite inspections that our team at Sydney Wide Property Inspections handles will normally include a visual inspection of the areas that are accessible in order to see signs of possible termite infestations. Where such signs are identified, a thorough inspection is carried out in order to access the areas where pests might be hiding. Inspection findings are to be noted in the pest report, which will be delivered to your address in 24 hours after the work is done.


All visual inspections are in accordance with:

AS4349.3 Inspection of Buildings Part 3: 

Timber Pest Inspections.

Thermal Camera Pest Inspections

Pre-Construction Reports


Strata Inspections:

Strata Inspections

Community Association Inspections

Neighbourhood Association Inspections

Company Title Inspections

Stratum (BMC) Inspection Reports


Our Inspection of the Owners' Corporation records will reveal 
important information including:

What are the current levies payables for your unit & when they are due?

Are there any special levies payable?

What is the current budget for year?

Is there any major works planned?

What, if any, building defects are apparent?

Are the correct insurances in place?

Are the standard by-laws in place & are there any special by-laws?

Are records correctly & properly maintained in accordance with relevant Acts?

What major expenditure has been expended in past years?

General observations of the review of Minutes as provided


Identification (ID) Survey

The survey shows any encroachments, easements and non-compliance with setback to boundaries as well as identifying the position of any significant improvements in relation to boundaries. Surveys are carried out by licensed and registered surveyors under the Surveyors Act.


Boundary Peg Out

Licensed and registered surveyors visit the site and verify the survey information via literally placing identification pegs into the site. This clarifies the boundaries, identifies any encroachments and irregularities.


New Home Inspection (Completion Report)


A completion inspection and report takes place before the homebuyer accepts delivery by signing off on the builder’s contract. This report provides a homeowner with a list of home issues to be addressed by the builder which they and the homebuyer agree on fixing, repairing, or replacing.


Dilapidation Report 

Is a report detailing the condition of a house or dwelling prior to excavation or construction work being carried out on an adjacent or nearby building.  Our specially trained building consultants will carry out the inspection.  You need to carry out this inspection prior to excavation or construction work such as a large hole being dug next door on a neighbour's house or a Water Board pipe being laid down. Our aim is to assess the present condition of the dwelling prior to excavation work so that disputes and costly litigation can be avoided at the completion of the job.  Each party signs the report once they have agreed on the condition of the building and it safeguards both the builder and the client in the event of any potential dispute arising after the work has been carried out.


Building & Pest Reports

Building and Pest inspections include internal and external areas to all readily accessible areas as per Australian Standards.

We inspect all Domestic and commercial dwellings.


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